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Perfect Gym in FlySky Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks have become very popular in Poland, Europe and all over the world. Perfect Gym provides a customized system to help FlySky run its business with ease.

Trampoline parks have become popular in Poland, Europe and all over the world. The rising trend has motivated Perfect Gym to develop a customised online joining system, dedicated to trampoline and amousement parks. We have consulted the module with leading trampoline park owners and managers and came up with a solution that fits the requirements of this specific business. We have various customers, who use Perfect Gym for trampoline park everyday.

The Opportunity

FlySky is considered as an amusement park as its the only park in Poland combining dozens of amazing trampolines with a colorful playground. FlySky is designed for all ages, both young children, as well as young people and adults. It's a perfect place for taking your first steps on trampolines, having fun and relax after a hard day. It's also the perfect location to learn aerobatics, train combinations of tricks, as well as perform gymnastic exercises. Being a complex facility with customers of all ages, FlySky decided to use Perfect Gym to support its everyday operations.

The Need

As a large facility with a revolving door of members and new clients alike, FlySky needed Perfect Gym to help automates its member attendance and sign-up procedures to be as convenient as possible. 

Playground Access Control

FlySky's best selling atraction is the playground, where children and young adults can play. In order to get access to the playground, customers need to sign up at the reception, where the staff starts a counter on the Perfect Gym Point of Sales. When leaving the playground reception staff stops the counter on POS and customers will receive an information on the time spent on the playground and the amount which is due. 

Online joining with Perfect Gym

The main part of FlySky is the trampoline area with 80 different trampolines, where everyone can complete a FBW (Full Body Workout) or learn new acrobatic skills. In order to use the trampoline park, customers need to sign up online. Perfect Gym has created a special online registration module dedicated to trampoline parks. It allows members or walkin clients to sign up for a specific hour and see the how many vancancies are still left. In the next steps members can either log in or register a new account. Members are also asked to agree to several terms and conditions, which have been setup in the Perfect Gym system.

Upon registration new members will receive an automatic confirmation email, set up in the Automation Center of Perfect Gym. In the next step members are asked to choose the quantity of one time entrances and the amount of non-slip socks. Perfect Gym can also customise the upsell opportunities by allowing owners to add additional products in the check out process. As a last step the client is asked to complete the purchase online through the website of one of our numerous payments providers, in this case PayU.

Trampoline park management

A trampoline or amusement park such as FlySky is a complex facility, which requires a system not only for bookings and reservations, but also for access control and online registration processes. The trampoline park oriented module allows owners to better control operations, manage new clients, communicate new offers as well as provide a secure reservation process. The facilities more adventurous and extreme characteristics also require a reliable system to store signed waivers and agreements, so that the park can conduct a safe and responsible business.


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